Tuesday, 21 May 2013

RRD Importer meeting

I have just got back from the RRD importers meeting in Tenerife. It was a really great experience, firstly meeting all the importers from around the world and secondly to present the new sail collection. Seeing all the new sails rigged and on the water was pretty special and everyone loved them which is even better. Still a couple of months until they are available, but pretty excited by the project. The sailing over there wasn't too special, but worked out nicely for the guys to try out the full range of sails. The small wave sails didn't get much use, but everything else was on the water everyday. I got back to GC on Saturday and was treated to 2 amazing days over here. Good waves and wind for around 4.2-4.7. Really nice to get some quality wave sailing in after about a month of freeriding. Looks like pretty good conditions all week and maybe a Round 2 of the speed Challenge at the weekend. Lets see how the forecast turns out.

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