Thursday, 23 May 2013

Multi disipline

Since arriving back from Tenerife I have been full power on the water, including sailing just about all types of gear. Sunday and Monday were great days wave sailing. Then the waves died down so I headed to the flatwater spot to test some sails. I ended up having a very good slalom session with a few of the local race heads. Really happy with how our Firewing is performing now and even hit 35kts which is my top speed yet. Then I had a good freeride session on the Evolution, again on the flat water, before having some time testing the new Style Pro, which is making my freestyle life much easier. My goal is to learn Culo's by the time the summer is over, but still got a very long way to go. Tomorrow it looks like the wind is still blowing, so more flat water sailing before the next speed challenge on Saturday.

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