Monday, 27 May 2013

Showergreen Speed Challenge- Round 2

After the success of the first speed challenge everyone was calling for round 2. This time the wind was stronger and the tide was better to give a really nice flat water speed strip upwind. Same rules as last time with a freeride set up and a race set up. This time for the freeride set up we had a 6.0 Fire on the Firemove 100. For the race set up we had a significant upgrade, replacing the Firerace 102 for a 2013 X-Fire 105, along with a now highly tuned new 7.0 Firewing Proto type. I had spent the whole week testing different sails and proto masts and getting the whole set up working really nicely. Once again the difference between the 2 set ups wasn't that much for the majority of riders, but I after a week of sailing the slalom gear I set a new personal best speed of 68.5 kph which is about 37kts. On the freeride gear I got a fraction under 34kts, which shows what the Firemove is capable of! Pretty much everyone bettered their round 1 speeds and like always there was plenty of banter. Unfortunately the day cost us 2 GPS units. The first was lost to sea after purchasing it just 4 hours earlier. The second was flooded after almost 10 years of use. Hopefully it dries out and comes back to life for the next challenge.

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