Saturday, 4 May 2013


Today we organised round 1 of the SHOWERGREEN GPS speed challenge. Its something I have been meaning to do for ages and now the trade winds are kicking in it was the perfect time. A one design GPS speed event for all our friends that normally sail at Vargas. I set up 2 sets of equipment. Firstly the freeride setup. An RRD Firemove 100 with a 7.0 RRD Fire. Secondly an RRD Firerace 102 and a 7.8 RRD Firewing. Basically 1 freeride set up and 1 race set up. Everyone took it in turns and was allowed 2 runs at a time with the GPS, with the maximum speed of the 2 runs counting. It was so much fun, with everyone enjoying a completely different side to windsurfing than normal. Surprisingly most people actually went faster on the Freeride gear, with the top 6 all beating the 30kt barrier and the winner, Pons, hitting a maximum of 32.9. The Firemove really is such an incredible board! On the race gear only the top 4 beat 30kts, and thankfully I got the fastest speed with 33.3 kts. No idea if that is quick or not, but for a first attempt I think its not bad. Everyone was pretty motivated after a few runs and I think Round 2 will be a lot more competitive. Thanks to Pons for the photo.

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