Monday, 27 December 2010

All surfed out!

Its been an amazing Christmas period for surf. Had 2 sessions everyday since the 23rd in some of the best conditions I have had here. Including some big nasty days in front of the house. Some chunky sessions on the North shore and then the last 3 days we had a big west swell, that wraps around really nicely to the south shore and gives some of the longest waves on the island. Boxing day (26th) means nothing over here, but we had one of the best dawny sessions ever on the south coast. Perfectly glassy and at least head and a half high waves, long and perfect. I think I must have paddled about 50 kms in the last 4 days, or at least it feels like it, exhausted! More of the same coming in the next day or 2 soon and maybe some wind with it too hopefully for some sailing. No pictures of the surf, but check out a couple of shots from last week in the north. Thanks to Julio Leon for the shots. You can check more at his facebook page:

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