Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wave Cult quads

I have now had my new RRD Wave Cult quads for 3 months, but have hardly sailed them. Firstly we didn't have much wind for all the contests through the Autumn. Then in Maui I was only using the Hardcore 84. Anyway I have now finally had a few fun sessions on them and am super stoked. Getting the fins set up well is really important on all the quads and thanks to Jem's advice I moved the back fins a little further forward and it made a load of difference. For those that have the same boards the front fin is right at the front and the back fin is 34cm from the tail. In this set up the board was working great. Also if you are using the Super Styles, I am really liking them with hardly any outhaul. That seems to power the sails up nicely. If its getting overpowered just put a touch of outhaul to give more control. Looks like we could get some classic summer Pozo conditions this week, so I cant wait to try the boards there... see how they will go for this summer.

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