Monday, 23 June 2014


I just had the most amazing trip to Mauritius for the RRD Distributor meeting. The place is a windsurf paradise, which I don't think could be any better, even if you designed a spot from scratch. Flat water lagoon, small waves, big waves, heavy waves... and we had wind everyday except one. The highlight for me was the last day. Most of the week I was working with the distributors making sure they had fun on the water, but the last day my priority was getting some pictures and video of the new 3 batten sail coming soon. It turned out to be an epic day with perfect logo to mast high waves and wind to get around easily. One Eye is one of the best waves I have ever sailed and I am claiming that it was one of my best 5 sessions ever. Maybe I have just been a bit wave starved recently, but the afternoon session was perfect and just 3 guys out. Its now back to GC, which is a bit of a shock! Not much wind at the moment but its been great for some light wind Firewing testing. Wind is back tomorrow, waves arriving on Wednesday, and then I think it will be the full summer circus again.

Photo: Dave White (sat in the channel, dealing with the worst boat driver ever!)

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