Tuesday, 15 May 2012

BWA comps go off!

Sunday saw us finish both the single elimination and double in what ended up being pretty classic Rhosneigr conditions. Didn't really go too well for me in the end. I had Phil Horrocks in the semi and lost by half a point. Then I managed to beat Ben in the single, before losing to him in the double.... again by half a point. Hard work sailing agains the local boys, just feel I needed to know the spot a tiny bit better. Its like a play park when its good, but unless you know where the good parts are its hard to take full advantage. Against Phil particularly I was desperately trying to find a good ramp whilst watching him launching into massive jumps on every run! So in the end I finished 4th, with Ben 3rd, a very happy (and deserving) Adam Lewis in 2nd and Phil in 1st.

Thankfully Ireland went a bit better for me. With conditions swung around to the other tack I have to say I feel more at home. We had cross onshore starboard tack and some fairly chunky waves. For those that have sailed much in Fuerte it was very like a certain north shore summer spot, which is probably my all time most enjoyable sailing ever! Some different people in the mix. Timo very unlucky not to make the final after a tough semi, which left James Cox, Jamie Hancock, Phil Horrocks and myself in the final. This time it went more my way and I took the win, ahead of Jamie in 2nd, Phil in 3rd and Coxy in 4th (despite throwing a pretty decent double!). Today looks like more of the same, but the wind is more side shore, so it could be pretty good. Off to the beach to check it out now!

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