Saturday, 19 May 2012

1st place Ireland

Very happy to say I won Ireland. They managed to get quite a lot of the double done, but didn't get through to the final rounds, so the single result stands and I take the win. Obviously super stoked. Seems like the last few UK events have just slipped away from me, so to take the win feels really good. Like I said before, the conditions were really fun, cross onshore, starboard tack, with a good sized waves and both jumps and rides. Seems a long time since we had that in contest and it felt good. South coast boys Jamie Hancock and James Cox both had good results and Phil showed some balls with some big smacks. I am now 2nd overall by 1pt to Phil, so its still all to play for in Tiree. Next stop for me is China again, before heading off to Morocco for our annual Wave Camp.

Photo: Dave White/BWA

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