Friday, 18 February 2011

Fuerte Classic

Less than 8 hours after touching down in Gran Canaria, I was on the move again, straight out to Fuerte to see Nayra. She was competing in the Fuerte Wave Classic. They haven't had such a great year this time, with really light winds. But what they have had is plenty of swell. Its been over mast high everyday this week since I arrived. Yesterday they sailed Puertito at about double mast. The wind was soo light they had to get a jet ski out to the peak, but everyone caught some bombs. Check out the pics on the Continent 7 face book page. Me... I went for a surf in the south! We are back hom on Saturday, and looking forward to finally unpacking my bags and washing some socks as I ran out a few days ago! Maybe we get some good wind early next week, so looking forward to a good Pozo session if it comes along.

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