Friday, 11 February 2011

End of a great trip

Cape Town once again produced the goods. We had so much good sailing, it has been great. The last week was the Wave Camp and despite a shocking forecast we got on the water 5 days out of 6 and had a huge mix of all conditions. Wind from the right, wind from the left, light wind riding, through to full power "Cape Doctor" style 4.0 weather. Also thanks to the variety of conditions we sailed a different spot every day. Plus we did a fair bit of tourist stuff on the way and finally, after probably my 10th trip out here, I made it up Table Mountain and saw the legendary Chapmans Peak. So all in all a great week, with a really great bunch of people.

On top of all that its just nice to be out here. I didn't get too much time on the water with all the brits, but from what I did see of them they are all loving life. Ben Proffitt is pretty much running a hostel for the entire BWA fleet and their house looks a lot of fun. On the water they are all pushing themselves to destruction. Ben is ripping, pulling everything, including push-forwards. Bubbles wave sailing has stepped up and he will surely be a threat this year on the tour. However I think the real standout/most improved is Sam Neal. When he arrived here he was more of a starboard tack rider, but in the last 3 weeks his level has shot up, with both really nice riding, and good jumping too, plus he is still pretty young. I think he will do well this year on the BWA, but probably do very well within the next year or 2.

Anyway, for me its now a long trip back to Gran Canaria, before jumping across to Fuerte to meet up with Nayra at the Fuerte Wave Classic. There is some swell coming and it looks windy, so should be pretty good I hope.

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