Thursday, 11 March 2010

Fun Fuerte

Its been a good trip here in Fuerte. I think we sailed or surfed almost every day, with maybe 1 day rest. Had 2 surfs in Lobos (one of the longest, funnest waves I have surfed), plus sailed at Bristol, Rocky point, flag beach, plus another day in La Caleta. There is also the big Carnival going on these weeks. Out here its a 2 or 3 week long party, where everyone gets dressed up and goes crazy. Saturday was a big one, with a massive fancy dressed competition in the town centre. It was still going crazy at 6.30am when I left!!! The following day was quite a struggle for me. How they keep going for 3 weeks I have no idea. The next 2 days look pretty good out here too and then hopefully it could be perfect GC conditions when we get back on Sunday.

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