Wednesday, 3 March 2010

El Faro

Back in Gran Canaria I was almost treated to a great El Faro session. The spot works very rarely, but whilst I was in Cape Town they had it really good and Nayra had the pictures to prove it! On Saturday there was some west winds forecast which means you can either head North for wind from the left, or head South for wind from the right. We went North thinking that there should be more waves there, but it was completely flat. After searching the whole north shore we had pretty much given up hope, then we had a phone call saying it was 4.2 and side shore in the south. 1 hour and a massive traffic jam later we made it to the south, but the wind was dropping. We rigged our biggest sails and scored about 45 minutes of sailing before it got too light. It was pretty good with over head high waves and peeling down the point. For sure on its day this spot must be world class, with waves peeling for over 500 metres!

Now after only 4 days in GC, we are in Fuerteventura. We sailed Punta Elana (Rocky Point) yesterday. Not great, but fun. Today bigger swell, but lighter wind so not sure what will happen.

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