Monday, 22 February 2010

K-Bay surf session

With the temperature outside at 3 degrees and a bitterly cold northerly wind blowing, I pretty much ruled windsurfing out whilst back in the UK this time. I think my blood has gone thin or something, as I feel the cold a lot more now. However I had the usual call from Timo... "Surf's going off, you coming?". My initial response was to laugh and pretty much hang up, but when he sent through a picture of perfect clean lines coming in something switched in my brain and I found myself rummaging around the garage for booties and gloves. The good thing about SUP is that you dont spend so much time in the water, and I had loads of amazing waves. It is without a doubt the best south coast session I ever had, to be honest I didn't even know the south coast could get that good! Over head high in the sets, good power and perfect A-frame with long peeling rights and lefts... amazing. The wind picked up a bit too much at the end, but probably a good thing or I would have got back in the dark! Maybe more of the same tomorrow, although I definitely need to find my balaclava.

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