Monday, 12 October 2009


Tiree got underway on Sunday with an almost completed single and
double elimination. Things went really well for me when all my overall
title contenders got knocked out in the first round. Not sure what
happened as they were all ripping, but didn't seem to get it together
in their heats. I got to the final and came second to Timo. Was
brilliant to see him win, he was sailing really well and has deserved
something like this for years. In the double Ben was on a rampage and
came storming through about 6 or 7 heats taking down everyone in his
path. He eventually came head to head with Horrocks and in what must
have been a pretty close heat advanced through to the top 5. His
performance means, that by our (probably wrong) mathematics, he is
leading the series, but with wind likely tomorrow its not over yet.
Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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