Wednesday, 7 October 2009

5th in double

Well after waiting around all day, it was Klaas Voget who came through
the double elimination to fight for the 4th place. I hoped he would be
knackered and I would have it easy, but he was on fire at this point
and coming out cold was pretty tricky. I did my best, but tactically
made a few errors and in the end it cost me. On one hand I am super
happy with 5th, but I know I had a good chance to get further up the
ranking, so its a little bit disappointing too. Anyway I now have a
couple of days to recover before heading up to Tiree. The forecast is
looking insane, with wind almost everyday and from all directions.
Think it will be a very tough contest, but hopefully I can come out on
top. I need to finish in 1st really to have any chance of taking the
UK title, so that is the goal!

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