Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cape Verde nightmare

After hurting my foot in South Africa I went to Cape Verde really
hoping that everything would be alright. I tested it in the footstrap
before the contest and it was just about OK, and I thought with some
extra pain killers it would be OK to sail heats. Unfortunately the
first aerial I landed was so painful that I could barely continue. It
was really frustrating as it was so close to being OK, but in the end
to compete somewhere like Punta Preta you really need to be 100% going
for it, and I couldn't quite pull that off. I now have a month off to
try to recover fully before heading out to the photo shoots in Maui.
Fingers crossed everything will be alright by then.

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Josep said...

Hi John, I'm Pons (
I am soo sorry for your foot, i hope you'll be ready for the next contexts.
You had a very good conditions in Cape Verde. When I saw the photos and videos, I remembered last year when I had been there with Victor and Klass.

I hope you the best.

PS: Good phitures and good images from hawaii