Saturday, 31 January 2009

Out for a while

Had a bit of an accident on Tuesday. Was enjoying a fun sail at Sunset
beach with some good sized waves, when I landed an aerial funny and
did something bad to my foot. I thought it was broken, but following
an X-ray the doctor told me to stop being a pussy and sent me home!!
The foot swelled up like a balloon and I decided to head back to the
UK early. it was killing me in SA hearing how good the sailing was but
being stuck at home. I now have 2 weeks to recover before heading off
to Cape Verde. Its already feeling a lot better and I can now start
walking on it properly. Fingers crossed it will be alright.


Steve said...

Hi John,
Wish you a good recovering for Cabo Verde, and also for the FWC!
All best,

Edd said...

Nothing silly please in Cape Verde, don't forget your Moulay clinic which is selling like hot cakes :) Get well soon...

Anonymous said...

good luck john ...