Sunday, 19 October 2008

3x Tiree Champion

On Thursday we finished off the double and I managed to hold on to my
first place. It was a really long day for me. Chris and Coxy were in
the first heat of the day and as I was sharing a van it meant being at
the beach rigged by 8.30. Then at around 11 the waves dropped off and
we were put on hold until the tide came back up. I spent the day
watching Coxy destroy everyone in his path on the way to his best ever
result in 4th place. Well done to Coxy. He was taken out by Profitt
who was sailing really well all week. However it was Phil that arrived
in the final and we went out to battle late in the afternoon. My gear
was working really well and I had some of my best waves of the week to take
the win, giving me the title. I think its now a record, with 3 Tiree
wins. Obviously I am really happy and I would like to thank my
sponsors for all their support. Forecast looks good for the south
coast on Monday so hopefully I can get a good sail in before heading
to Maui next week.


Anonymous said...

Compliment for the result. Which kind of wave board size did you use during the contest?

Skyeboy said...

Thanks a lot.

I mainly used the 90 RRD Wave twin. It was so nice to have the volume and size to get around, but still be able to turn well. I used the 82 a couple of times too when the wind was stronger. Normally I would use the 82 as soon as I am on my 5.4, but in contests its a bit different, you need to be able to move around easily.