Sunday, 28 September 2014

Denmark, RRD HQ and Sylt

Its been a hectic week. Denmark finished on the last day, in literally the last hour. I lost to Ricardo and was pretty gutted. I started the heat with a really high scoring wave but then couldn't back it up with a second wave. Even a half decent one would have put me through, but I made a few mistakes and in the really light winds and with a shorter heat than usual those mistakes proved too costly. I just about hang on to a top 10 place in the overall, but it was a lost opportunity to move higher.

An old classic for Andy King 
After that it was straight to Italy to see the guys at RRD head quarters. It was a flying visit but managed to test the new Firewings, design some new Wave Cults with Aurelio, plus sort out all future sail ranges for 2016 and beyond. To cap it off, the trip also coincided with Roberto's 50th Birthday party which got quite messy by the end.

Finally I ended up in Sylt where it looks like a long week ahead. The first day we had just about enough wind to get the contest started and it ran smoothly until my heat! Typically the wind dropped and the heat was cancelled meaning I am now in the 1st heat of the day and need to be on alert for every single early skippers meeting. Forecast is not too promising at the moment, but you never know in Sylt. Everything changes so quickly over here that its never over until its over.

Deradicallised to suit the conditions

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