Sunday, 20 July 2014

5th Pozo

After a long week of waiting Pozo finally got underway today and we managed to complete the single elimination. I finished 5th which is my best Pozo result ever I think, so very happy. I spent most of the winter trying doubles with Pons and the training paid off, with the double being the difference in all my heats. I lost to Brawzinho, but happily put up a good fight, just losing out by a tiny bit overall. Huge thanks to RRD, MFC and Massive congratulations to Victor. He put on one of the most perfect displays of Pozo wave sailing I have seen. Ricardo managed 2nd with his foot all stitched up and Brawzi finished 3rd. Next stop Fuerte to give slalom a go for a change!

Pic:John Carter PWA.

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