Saturday, 19 April 2014

No Maui

Its the first time in around 12 or 13 years that we don't go to Maui in the Spring. Its a strange feeling when it has always part such a key part of our schedule and I can't help but check the photos everyday to see what we are missing. I don't think its been the best season, but truth is Maui on an average day is still better than most places on the best day of the year. I wish I could report that we had done something better, but unfortunately its not really the case. I spent a big part of the last month in China and Italy finalising the new sails for RRD. They are looking great. When I was at home I spent more time on the slalom board than anything else. That has been great fun testing the new Firewing, which will have some nice new features. Now we are enjoying an Easter break in Fuerte before it looks like some good conditions will arrive towards the end of the week. Its now just over 2 months until the first wave comp, so its time to step up the training a bit. Hopefully I will join Pons in his new program. He is offering both fitness training and on the water training, to sharpen me up for the summer. In the meantime happy Easter.

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