Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NEW Firewave and Freeriding!

Had a busy 10 days of freeriding. Winds have been perfect out here to try all the new Fire, Evolution and Firewing ranges. Really happy with how they have turned out. We even had Round 3 of our Showergreen Speed Challenge over the weekend. Wind dropped a bit, so the speeds were a bit down on last time, but sails were feeling great. I did manage a few sneaky tiny wave sessions. I just got my new Firewave and have been trying to figure out if I should take it for the North European PWA events. The answer is definitely a yes. After trying both the 92 and 82 I opted for the 82. It planes so early, and goes like a rocket. I played around with the fin set up and have found a pretty sweet tri fin option, using MFC 12cm front fins and MFC 17cm rear. Still great planing and speed, but also turns fantastic too. I think it will be perfect if we get any really onshore days, where the extra speed will be very useful to get the jumps in. Forecast is looking pretty good with plenty of reds and purples on the Guru forecast. Klitmoller always seems to be windy for the event!

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