Sunday, 23 June 2013

What a week!

We have just had one of the best weeks in Pozo I can remember for a long time. I think the biggest sail I have used in the last 10 days is my 4.2, but also its not been too nuclear either, most of the time in the 3.7/4.0 range and best of all with some waves. Whats been really nice is that it was far enough away from the upcoming contest to not worry too much about injuring yourself or getting too knackered, so its been full power punishment. In the beginning it was a double mission, and at the end it became a pushloop forward mission. That may sound radical, but what it actually involves is just slalom blasting around looking for the correct ramp, with the correct gust. I have to say a big thanks to Pons. We have been going to the beach early and having some really good sailing on our own trying to kill ourselves. I got a few nice doubles in the end and finally after many years of thinking about it, I spun around a pushloop forward. Wont claim it as a landing, but the fact that I landed very hard on my back and was completely winded is a good sign! Pons stuck an absolutely perfect one right in front of me though! 2 photos that sum up the week nicely from Territorio Comanche. 1 shot slalom blasting with Ben (who was also on a similar jumping mission) and the 2nd shot of one of the numerous bailed attempts. The wind has now switched around to the NW, which probably means a few much needed days off to recover a bit.

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