Monday, 14 January 2013

Sailing, surfing and supping

Up until last week I hadn't seemed to catch the golden moments this winter. Lots of time in the water but not too many really special days. Last week however more than made up for it. East winds all week have meant glassy off shore surf conditions in front of our house and starboard tack wave sailing in the North. I have used all my toys, with a quality sailing session, some amazing surfing waves, and some big drops on the SUP. Plus for a rare change here a few photos to go with it. First up sailing.

We had a pretty epic session in the North at El Paso. Its the first time I sailed it. Its the biggest accessible spot in the north, but its a bit sketchy if things go wrong. I missed a lot of the seesion, but managed to catch a few waves at the end of the day. Was breaking over mast high in some of the sets. It was perfect for my 91 RRD Hardcore and 5.3 Four, not planing, but enough volume and power to catch the waves. Philip was out all day and had some pretty solid waves as well as Jorge, who caught some bombs. Thanks to Mario for the shots.

Next was the day before at El Lloret. This is a spot right in front of our house in the town. Its normally pretty busy, but 2 days ago I had nearly 2 hours in the water with just 1 other guy. The tide wasn't perfect but it had a good size, so they were breaking pretty nicely. I had my brand new 6.0 Secca from RRD which was amazing. I caught so many waves I was destroyed at the end. Thanks to Miguel for the photos.

Finally 2 days ago, at a spot called Muellitos, again in front of house with my 8'11 RRD Super Sup. I had the new GoPro board cam for the first time so here are a couple of screen grabs. It was pretty chunky that day, but the camera makes it look tiny!

And lastly a family shot. Nayra has been in the water already, but taking it easy and choosing the chilled days for the moment. Here she is taking Lily for a walk, again shot with the new board cam!

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