Monday, 10 September 2012

National Watersports Festival

Just had an amazing weekend at the National Watersports Festival. It really is such a great event for UK windsurfing. Despite an average looking forecast over 500 competitors signed up and there must have been literally 10's of thousands of windsurfers that passed through the event over the weekend. The best thing is that it is windsurfers from all walks of life. Racers, freestylers, wave, plus a massive amount of freeriders, including a huge gang from my old lake Brogborough. RRD dominated the trade tent with an impressive show of their latest boards and sails, and even Roberto Ricci was there to talk everyone through the latest toys. Finally to cap it all off, I finished 3rd in the racing. I dusted off my dads old longboard and stuck the brand new RRD Firewing in it and managed to end up on the podium. Fingers crossed the event carries on into the future as it really is one of the best shows in the windsurfing world!

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