Sunday, 15 July 2012

7th Tenerife

Tenerife started out about as bad as it gets. On the rocks right before my heat, then snapped a mast in the heat, losing straight away in the single. To say I was low would be an understatement. Thankfully the double went a lot better. After a sketchy start, I managed to get it together taking out 3 friends along the way. Swifty is normally bad news for me but this time (helped by his broken toe) I got the advantage. Next up it was Ben, who I had spent the whole event with in the commentary box. Next was Scotty who was on fire, but with a jump counting I had the advantage. Eventually I went down to Musso who was another level. He went onto to finish 2nd, so I cant be too down about losing. The final result.... 7th... Pretty stoked with that!!


Rod said...

Well done John! great watching the heats too.

Thanks for nice commentating with Ben.

Skyeboy said...

Thanks Rod. Turned out to be a lot of fun, both the sailing and the commentating with Ben. Glad you enjoyed it.