Wednesday, 11 April 2012

100%… well almost

Up to today I had a 100% sailing success rate. I dont normally worry too much about that, but now that I only have 2 more days here, it suddenly became more important. Unfortunately today didn't really count for much. We were supposed to be doing one last shoot with RRD, but there was no sun. So I sat on the beach watching everyone sail waiting for the sun. At about 3 it was pretty clear it wasn't going to get sunny so together with Timo we rigged up to go jumping at Sprecks. Unfortunately the timing was terrible. We had to swim out to the wind line, then the wind dropped, then we pretty much has to swim back in. For the record I did plane, and I did do one jump, so it keeps the 100% alive, but in reality I think I would have preferred to stay at home. Now just 2 more days left before heading back to the Canaries, so fingers cross I get on the water twice more and make it 18 out of 18 days.

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