Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I just got back for a quick trip to China to visit the RRD sail factory. Really interesting to see it all working and fully understand the complete process. Unbelievable how organised it all is, splitting the sails into each individual panels, printing each panel, and then piecing it all together to make the beautiful sails that we can go and buy. The guys there are so good at what they do! Also I was very pleasantly surprise by the working conditions. The image I had was nothing like how it really was. Very large open work place, and nicer conditions than when I worked in a Gillette factory many years ago. I was there to work on the new range of sails which are looking fantastic. 

Only problem with all this extra work and travel is finding time to keep fit, so check out the newly developed fitness work station. I am actually peddling away as I write this! Now I just need to make it portable!

The ultimate in keep fit work stations!

RRD proto types being put together on the factory tables.

The new Skin Harness's lined up reedy for packaging

The screen prints used for the sail graphics.


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