Monday, 6 February 2012

SA Full Power

What a trip this has been so far. Full power is the only way to describe it. Full power wind at times, and full power testing. We started with the new Wave Cults, and together with Jem we tried everything in every wind, including some pretty extreme light wind boards. Then all the new sail proto types arrived so the testing moved on to that. In the middle there has been fin, boom, mast and mast extension tests going on, so its been busy busy. Thankfully everything is working really well, in fact so well that we brought Whitey out here to do the final destruction testing. Everything passed with flying colours except some boom clamp rope that left him swimming in some of the most shark infested waters on the planet! At the same time as all this we have had some amazing conditions out here. Big swell and good riding, fun jump sessions, flat water freeride blasting, and just about everything else in between. We still have another week to go, and the forecast looks really good once again. This place really does rule!

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