Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Since Sylt I have been on the road almost non stop, including a quick trip to RRD HQ in Italy. However now I am on Tiree and even better yesterday I won the double elimination! The single didn't go too well and I lost out in the quarter finals to Ben and Timo. Ben went on to win, but thankfully we managed to run the double. Its one of the toughest fleets I think we have ever had in Tiree and to get through the double I had to beat pretty much everyone. Jamie Hancock, James Cox, Phil, Timo, Bubble, Andy King, and then Ben. In total it was 8 heats and by the end I was so tired, but obviously very happy. Unfortunately its not over yet as today there is more wind and we are trying a new Triple elimination format! At least in the worst case I only have to sail 2 heats!

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