Sunday, 30 October 2011

Italy to Maui

Its been a very hectic week! Started off with a 2 day trip to Italy to RRD HQ again. Picked up loads of new toys. The final production FOUR sails, which are amazing, plus the new 91 Contest Hardcore Quad (which is also working great!) and a whole bunch of other stuff including the new freeride gear. The new Firerace, new lighter Firestorm LTD, The Fire freerace sail and finally the brand new Evolution, which looks fantastic. That was all very nice, but what wasn't very nice, was then having to carry it all to Maui! 8 board bags in total! So now we are here in Maui, with all the toys. Its been windy, with some fun sized head to logo waves so far. They are in the middle of the Hookipa comp, so have just been sailing Lanes, but its been a nice warm up and cant wait for the comp to finish and hit Hookipa hard!! Nayra joined the contest and was ripping. She was really unlucky in the semi, getting easily the best turns of everyone, but her waves never lined up to get multiple turns the judges were looking for. Think she will kill it in the double elimination!

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