Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cornwall goes off (briefly)

Despite only just getting back from the 10 hour trip from Scotland, I set off again for Cornwall with Timo on the promise of a good day at the Bluff. It didn't look too special from the beach, but when we hit the water it was insane. Probably the best waves I have sailed in at least a couple of years. Soooo glassy, and perfect bowls to carve and hit. Unfortunately it didn't last long as the tide dropped low and started closing out, but that 30 minutes was worth all the driving. Today it looks like we might be heading to Wales... 3 nations in 3 days... not too bad!


Anonymous said...

John, black font on a black background. Not easy to read.

Skyeboy said...

Thanks Rich. Not sure what was going on there? hopefully its all sorted now.