Friday, 9 September 2011

NWF and Klitmoller

Its been a busy week. The National Windsurf Festival was another huge success. Massive turnout and some good wind too. I did the racing and finished 4th, equal on points to 3rd place, so I was pretty happy with that. Not raced much recently, so it was super fun. 4th place in the night sailing too, thanks to my dads old raceboard! After that it was straight to Klitmoller with Brawzinho, via Camber sands with Nik baker and timo. Had a really fun session there with 4.5's before jumping on the ferry and driving 13 hours through the night. Arrived in Klitmoller to fins more wind and sailed 3 days in a row. Bit too tired to enjoy it fully, but nice to be on the water and get used to it out here a bit. Forecast looks insane for the contest, Nayra is bringing my 3.3 because from from we had this week, I will be needing it!

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