Friday, 15 July 2011

Tenerife Double

Today we ran the double and I finished 13th. Pretty gutted as I sailed pretty good I thought. I got my best double ever in my first heat and probably my next best one in the second heat. Unfortunately I lost to Boujma by the tightest of margins. In the same way that I scraped through my single heat on a split decision, today I lost out on a split decision. 2:1 with the deciding judge being exactly equal, and therefore Boujma's best wave one it on a tie break. To make it even worse, I had about 4 people say they thought I had won it! So that is it now until Klitmoller. My ranking is pretty shocking at the moment so I really need to have wind at the last 2 events. Fingers crossed they go well and I can creep back up there, but its going to be hard. The positives are that my doubles have sorted themselves out a bit. I was struggling to get a good landing on them in Pozo, but here they were more controlled. So anyway now its holiday time.... 5 star Sheraton Hotel styley!

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