Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Slow summer

The usual consistent summer wind hasn't really kicked in yet in Gran Canaria. Normally by now you would expect to be sailing at least 50% of the time, but so far its been a little slower than that. Had a few good days last week, with some fun sailing in Pozo and Vargas, but otherwise not much. No real complaints though as the surf has been epic. First we had a rare south swell at the weekend. This even came with a tiny bit of wind to at least get the sails wet. Had about half an hour sailing with Nayra and Philip Koester in some head to logo high, long down the line conditions, with wind from the right. Very rare over here. Unfortunately loads of surfers came out after to ruin the fun, but I swapped the sail for a surf board and enjoyed it all the same. The next day the wind had vanished completely but the waves remained and gave some of the best surf I have ever had here. Really long waves, possibly more than 100 metres long. I think I must have paddled about 10kms that day. We then headed to the North shore for the next couple of days for more epic surf. My shoulders are dead from paddling, but it looks like the wind will be back tomorrow, so really looking forward to getting out sailing again. Plus we are off to Morocco for our wave camp on Sunday and Moulay never fails to produce epic conditions!

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