Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hookipa session

People often joke sarcastically that its nice sailing Hookipa just you and your friends, when really there are over a hundred guys out. Today however, for a short time it really was just me and some friends. The day was a bit weird, with cloud and the light winds. We waited around for a while at the beach, before Nayra decided to give it a go. As she hit the water there was frantic rigging from everyone, but for half an hour it was just us and friends. Timo 'jinxy' Mullen, Phil Horrocks, Boujma, Klaas Voget, Kauli joined us for a bit before grabbing his SUP. Was nothing classic, but for a while was really fun, before the rest of the world turned up and hit the water. I know Jimmie Hepp was on the cliff and hopefully he got a picture of me making something this time!

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