Sunday, 24 April 2011

Amazing week in England

Wow, what a week in England. The weather was unbelievable, especially when you consider it was April! Perfect blue sky and 25 degrees. No wind at all, but great to spend some time with my family. Went on the water with my dad, me on the SUP and him in a canoe. Then headed up with my mum to visit my sister, her husband and their wonderful son Jack. He is a super cool kid and its great to get some time with him in between the travels. Ironically when I arrived in Gran Canaria it was actually raining. I dont care at all, but the poor tourists were devastated. Imagine paying money to leave a hot England and arrive in a cold raining GC. Still it has already warmed up a load here so sure they will all be happy. I am starting some spanish classes this week. Need to step up a bit really, so whilst there are no comps I will use my time wisely. So Hasta luego....

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