Sunday, 13 March 2011


Just come back from an amazing week in the snow. Before windsurfing, skiing was all I dreamed about, but until this year it had been 8 years since I last hit the slopes. It was so nice to go back and after a bit of a sketchy first day, it all came back, like riding a bike! Thanks to Animal I had all the gear to keep me warm and I must say a special thanks to Nayra's glasses sponsor Zeal, who sent me a pair of their latest goggles. I skied the first few days and then swapped for a board at the end. The skis have changed so much. In windsurf terms it was like getting off a 1990's slalom board and jumping on a modern FreestyleWave board. Everything was so easy and fun. It was Nayra's first time and by the end of the week she was ripping. Not the fastest yet, but really nice style down the mountain. Only problem was that 1 week wasn't really enough. It always used to be, but I guess we have got used have long windsurf trips, so one week just flew by. Have to wait another year now probably, but already planning it!

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