Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Video

Its really late, but finally I managed to put together a video clip from the end of last year. The autumn is always a busy time for contests and last year I was on the road for over a month solid. This video has footage from Klitmoller, Tiree and finally Maui. The voice over ended up a bit cheesy, but hope you enjoy it anyway.

Skyeboy's 2010 - Part 3 from john Skye on Vimeo.


Dave said...

great video John, really liked your editing. Sailings not to shabby either. Can you tell me what program you use to edit? What camera you use (I have a sony handicam HD thingy) I use Vimeo to share my videos but they always look misty. tips appreciated, Dave

Skyeboy said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the comments. Had a mini lesson from a pro yesterday and he is at another level, so I feel pretty amateur at the editing stuff. I use Final Cut Pro for almost everything now. I really like the way it works. Camera... Its a mega mix. Mainly its a cheapy Sony HD handycam, and a canon still camera with video mode, and then a few clips from Alfie Hart who has a proper camera. Plus some of it was even shot with my phone. Tips... google stuff and watch tutorials... there is so much info on the web if you ask.
Good luck