Thursday, 9 December 2010

Loving life in GC

After the trauma of the snow and the air traffic controllers strike, its been very nice to get to GC and enjoy a bit of down time. So far I have had a couple of really good surfs, some starboard tack sailing in the south and a killer big SUP session. Right in front of the house we had some chunky sets, maybe triple over head and I took my new 9'2 RRD Diamond tail out for the first time. It was an amazing session, with some huge drops. The wave was not perfect, which made is pretty scary at times, but really good to get the heart pumping a bit. The board felt amazing, so cant wait to get more time on it. The sailing session was at a new spot for me, with a fun little riding wave. I tested some proto types for a possibly new 4 batten concept sail. It felt amazing and was only the first try, so looking forward to working more on that. Now it looks like more of the same for the next week... Surfing, supping and sailing!!! Perfect.

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