Monday, 22 November 2010

Over and out (probably)

Its not quite finished, but it probably is! We still have 2 more days to go in Cape Verde, but the forecast is for less wind and less waves, and already yesterday it was tiny. So I think that is it for this event and therefore for the year. If it does stay like this I finish 11th. Its my best finish for a few years, but cant help thinking it could have been a lot higher. Normally my best event is Sylt, (which had no wind) plus here would have mixed things up a bit, being the only starboard tack event. 11th at least gives me a good seed for next year, so hopefully I can build on this year and move further up the ranking. IF we do get some wind and waves, I am laughing as my opponent has already gone home, but actually that is probably the best move now. Back to the UK in 3 days and then off to GC next week.

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