Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good day, Jaws and dinner at Mambo

Today is my last day in Maui, but its been another great trip. Sailed 14 days out of 16, and one of those days had great surf anyway. 2 days ago we had the best day of the trip at Hookipa, with the swell growing quickly from logo when I hit the water to well over mast when I came off it. Thanks to Anita for the pictures.

Yesterday the first proper massive winter swell arrived. Jaws broke for the first time of the year, so we cruised down to see it. NO wind for sailing, but we think we saw Francisco Portcella and Kia Katchadourian catching some bombs. This picture we think is Cisco.

Lastly we had another super nice dinner at Cafe Mambo. If ever you go to Maui, you have to check it out and I can thoroughly recommend the Duck Burger. Its a bold call, but I am saying its the best burger/sandwich thing I have ever eaten.

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