Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sylt caddy action!

With no hope of waves in Sylt this year, I offered my caddy services to Finian. The wind was offshore and the course area was miles away, so having your spare gear on hand was a huge advantage. After 3 days of racing and 5 rounds Finian was in 3rd. I wish I could take all the credit, but it was mostly him! Unfortunately disaster struck on the final day. First his fin snapped when he was leading in the quarter finals. Nothing I could do but watch. Then in the final race of the day it came down to the wire with Cyril for both 3rd in the event and 3rd overall. Finian had a killer start and looked to have had it all sown up, but Cyril got stuck in a lull and the race director cancelled the heat. In the re-run it didn't go so well for poor Finian and Cyril took all the glory. Devastated for him as he really did everything right to win, but sometimes it seems things dont go your way. I expect he will come back even stronger next year. For me... no wave action at all. Didn't even take my sails out of the tent! Next stop Tireeeeeee...... Forecast is insane all week, so hopefully it stays good for next week too.

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Oscar said...

Was there really a lull or did Cyril see his podium position go away and stop?