Sunday, 24 October 2010


So far its been 3 out of 4 days sailing, which is pretty good by any standards. Yesterday was really fun, with head to logo waves and enough wind for a 5.3/5.0. I finally got some quality time on my new RRD 84 Hardcore quad and I love it! Been looking for a board like this for years. Its fast on the wave, turns great and best of all, when the wind drops on the inside I can still float on it. A board that feels small when riding, but is big when not. The perfect combo. The forecast for tomorrow is for more of the same so cant wait to get on the water some more and learn how far the board can be pushed! Thanks to Jimmie Hepp for the photos and check out his gallery from everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, what a good work with your new toys; can you tell me the differences about twin fin 82, cult quad 83 e hardcore quad 84? Which of these three board is more allround? And, do they have the same range?
Thanks in advance.

Skyeboy said...

Hi Riccardo,

I am still trying to work out exactly what each board does best, but so far I would say the following. Probably the 83 Wave cult is the most all round. It can take a bigger sail than the others and thanks to the quad set up it will stay in control even when its howling. It works well in onshore and side shore, so is great all round.
The 84 Hardcore is the best for sure when its proper riding conditions. It turns fantastic and has so much control when going fast down the line. Although the volume is more, the board feels smaller and it stays in control even in 4.0 weather.
The 82 Wave twin is the best for me when its junky onshore conditions. It is so loose and slidey which is what you want when its small and soft waves.
Hope that answers your question. If you get a chance give them all a try and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

Finally I went in surfshop and I buyed a cult quad 92 e 75. Now, I think, I'm ready for all conditions I can sail!
The 92 is great in marginal conditions with big sails....i hope to try the 75 soon!