Sunday, 18 July 2010


Its crazy that despite the contest only being 4 days and despite only sailing 5 heats, it seems to absolutely drain you. I guess its stress of it all too, but after the contest my body was dying. I guess it probably didn't help going large at the closing ceremony, but still its only now that I feel back to 100%. Had an amazing night last week when Spain won the world Cup. Obviously Las Palmas went off! Would have been slightly nicer if it was actually my country that won, but still being part of it all was really cool. Every car had flags out the window, horns beeping, the roundabout in the centre had thousands of people celebrating, really quite a spectacle. Alfie from Boardseeker had asked to do a "day in the life of" with us and it kind of worked out pretty good. A sail in the morning, followed by the party of all parties. I guess there are probably not too many opportunities in a life time to be in a country when it wins the World Cup (unless you are from Brazil!!) so it was a pretty special night. Anyway look out for the film this week on Boardseeker. Here in the Canaries right now, its going off, so I am off to the beach!

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