Monday, 5 April 2010

Maui Update

I promised more Jaws info the next day, but its taken nearly a week! Its been howling windy every day this last week. The big swell lasted a couple of days and now its pretty small, but still super fun. Had some good Hookipa sessions and some fun jumping down the coast too.

So more info about Jaws.... Not much to say. After quite a number of years of almost sailing there I finally got the kick up the arse I needed from Finn. He flew out here pretty much just to sail the spot. The conditions were not exactly perfect Jaws, but they were perfect for the first time. Not too big and loads of wind. The wind makes it very choppy on the face, but also means you can get yourself out of trouble easily. A massive thanks to Maxi, whose Jet ski rescue was fortunately not needed. Here is another photo, definitely double mast high... and this was a small day for Jaws!!


Anonymous said...

what size twinfin are you riding there?

Skyeboy said...

I was on the 74 Wave twin, with a 4.5 Super Style sail.