Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New old video - Enjoy

I have been adding some videos to Boards magazines new Mpora website. This was my first video I ever put together back in 2003. In Maui I was lucky and had access to all the Whiteboarders footage for their Huslers Convention movie. Gran Canaria footage was all from Jem Hall, during out first week working together. He spent a week on the beach filming and sounding at me, but the results were pretty impressive. After that Pozo event and Fuerte, I was 2nd overall in Freestyle... Those were the days. Anyway if you have not seen it before ENJOY the video.

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John Hibbard said...

Those were the days hey!! I remember heading over to Germany on the ferry and you having your first laptop and making this video.


John Hibbard

Skyeboy said...

Back in day! When you still used to have a sail attached to your board too!