Sunday, 7 February 2010

South African

So far had a pretty good trip in Cape Town. Not the most consistent I have ever had, but probably the best quality. As the normal wind has not been around we have had to travel a fair bit, but scored Elands Bay, Witsands, Paternoster (not sure the spelling on that). Elands was really good, logo to mast high and some were peeling forever. Its my first proper time on the sails and I am loving them, so very happy. Check out a couple of the shots from Roberto. Unfortunately yesterday I managed to slice my foot up a bit with the fins. Nothing serious, but needed 3 stitches and now have to have a couple of days off the water. Not sure how long I will last, I think maybe tomorrow I hit the water already covered in duck tape!!

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Anonymous said...

Good to here that most of the visitors to RSA are having a great time.
It's Eland's Bay, Paternoster and Witsand as far as I know