Monday, 16 November 2009

Maui Report

After a couple of days off from sailing the wind returned two days ago. Its been pretty offshore, but quite strong. Yesterday we had a super fun session at Hookipa. Normally the wind is quite light and there are not many jumps to be had, but yesterday in the gusts it was full power for jumping. Boujma had some sick ones and Brawzinho even nailed a double.

Its actually been a lot of fun sailing. Today everyone went to Sprecks and it was a really cool atmosphere on the water. Conditions weren't the best as the wind was up and down, but everyone was having fun anyway. Ricardo, Brawzinho, KP, Nayra, Camille, Leo Ray and even Antoine joined us later. Best moves I saw were Camilles sick cheese roll things. Super stylish! And Leo was doing Kulo's (I think) off waves and looking super nice. Brawzinho also seems to get higher than most, even when underpowered. He goes so vertical in his backloops, but they look really good.

In the end the wind went too gusty so we headed to the Movies with Boujma and Anita. We watched THE BOX... It was pretty poor! Anyway Nayra just bought a new SLR camera and is training to be the new JC. Here are the first of many shots!

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cammar said...

Nice shots!
Good job... Nayra! :)